What Sarah Geronimo admires most about James Reid and Nadine Lustre

The Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo had graced the stage of the very successful The Revolution concert of James Reid and Sarah Geronimo.

As usual, she gave a very outstanding performance along with the phenomenal love team Jadine.

They performed the 90's hits "No Diggity", "Too Close", and "Boom Shake The Room."

When their number ended, Sarah expressed her admiration fo James and Nadine.

She asked, "Ano ba talaga ang ipinalalaban niyo, bakit 'revolution'? Maituro niyo nga sa'kin 'yung pinaglalaban niyo."

James was the one who answered, "Because of the kinds of revolution that we're representing tonight. Revolution of love, and revolution of music."

"That's what I truly admire about you guys, you know what kind of artists you are. You know what kind of music you want. And ako, I'm a fan." Sarah mused.

Nadine then thanked Sarah for also being an inspiration for her and James.

Watch out for Sarah and James' upcoming film, "Miss Granny."

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