What Did Sarah Geronimo Say That Made Mark Bautista Laugh?

If you’re an avid Sarah Geronimo fan, you probably know that she and singer Mark Bautista have been friends for quite some time now.

They were both contenders in the TV singing contest, Star For A Night, where Sarah was hailed as the champion.

Both are known to be great singers of their generation. They are celebrating their 15 years in the industry.

Mark commemorated his fifteenth year through publishing an autobiography, Beyond The Mark, while Sarah is celebrating hers through a global tour of concert, THIS 15 ME.

Mark was a guest during Sarah’s successful concert at the Big Dome last April 14. They had a duet of the song, Broken Vow.

The guy has also joined the US leg of Sarah’s global tour.

(Source: @iammarkbautista Instagram Post)

Mark is the one giving us updates on THIS 15 ME US tour.

(Source: @iammarkbautista Instagram Post)

Yesterday, he posted a very cute video in his Instagram stories.

He was saying hi to his fans when Sarah suddenly blurted out, “Ano yan, Instagram stories?”, which made him laugh.

“Si Sam [Concepcion] oh,” Sarah told Mark.

“We’re almost done. See you, Saturday!” he said.

This video was taken during their meet & greet in San Francisco.

Catch Sarah, Mark, and Sam on the following dates:
APRIL 28 - San Francisco, CA
APRIL 29 - Las Vagas, Nevada
MAY 4 - Chicago, Illnois
MAY 6 - New York, New York

See you there!

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