#FlashbackFriday Sarah Geronimo’s first MMK episode

In the year 2006, The Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo was first paired with John Lloyd Cruz in a "Maalaala Mo Kaya" episode entitled, "KWintas." It was a cute love story.


It was her first "MMK" appearance after finishing as champion in the show, "Star For A Night" in 2003.


She played the role of Rose, a young lady who gets to meet this handsome but not-so-gentleman kind of guy at work named Jayson.



He tried talking to her, thinking she was also one of those girls who easily falls for him because of his looks. But she isn't.



Being a heartbreaker is a defense mechanism as Jayson is afraid to take relationships seriously because of his mother who left them for another man.


But her strong I-won't-fall-for-you attitude made him realize how special Rose is and falls in love with her.




He then tries to win her heart though he is labeled as a heartbreaker.



In the end, the bad boy became Mr.-Stick-to-one and won Rose' heart.



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Photo source: YouTube (ABS-CBN Entertainment)

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