The moments that made Sarah Geronimo cry as a coach in ‘The Voice’

The Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo was a coach of "The Voice" Philippines since it started airing in the country, which was in 2013.


However, in 2016, Sarah left the show as coach and started focusing in her own career. She was replaced by the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

The next year, in 2017, during the first season of "The Voice Teens" Sarah came back as a coach, wherein Jona Soquite, a part of her team won.

Along the way, Sarah's journey in "The Voice" was not a joke. She mentored a lot of artists already. But, her job as a coach is not just mentoring and guiding the artists, in the end, she has to choose only one, you know, aside from the voting and all.

It is a lot of fun but of course, there will always be the hard part.

That's why, we have compiled the moments in the show that moved Sarah to tears.

First up is during a blind audition of a balut vendor from Bukidnon, Romel Colao. He sang "Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos."

Though he can sing really well, none of the judges turned their chairs for him.

After his performance, the judges pointed out the things that they were looking for. Though it is sad, they gave him a few advices and encouraged him to not give up on his dreams.

Sarah even said, "Nalulungkot po ako. Sana po 'wag po kayong titigil na kumanta, hindi lang po ito ang pagkakataon dahil may espesyal po kayong talento. Wag po sana kayong mawalan ng pag-asa."


Black-eyed Peas singer, Apl De Ap gave his belt as a souvenir and in return Colao gave them his special balut. Sarah wiped her tears as she hugged the vendor.


Next up on the list is also from a blind audition of a Syrian-Filipino man from Pampanga, Robert Cozma. He chose "Habang May Buhay" as his piece.

His heartful singing was not able to make the judges turn for him though. After a little bit of introduction, he was asked to sing another song.

Regretfully, the judges mentioned how well he connected to that second song.

It was truly a painful goodbye that moved the Popstar Royalty to tears.



Third, is during the Season 2 of the show. Sarah was made to choose between Monique Lualhati and the reggae singer, Kokoi Baldo.

"Ang hirap nito kasi sobrang naniniwala ako sa inyong dalawa. Sobra kayong magkaiba. Ang hirap naman nito!" Coach Sarah quipped.

After long grueling moment of trying to choose between two excellent artists, Sarah was crying, trying to deliberate her thoughts and come up with the best decision.


In the end, Monique got to stay in the competition.

Lastly, is the winning moment of Jason Dy. This shows the brighter side of her journey. She cried not just on the moments that broke her heart, but also during victorious moments.

Jason Dy was the winner of the show's second season.

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Photos from: YouTube (ABS-CBN Entertainment), Rappler

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