Throwback: Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis in one movie

In 2003, a powerhouse cast was brought together by a film directed by Joel Lamangan, and was written by Roy Iglesias. It was entitled, Filipinas.

It is a drama film about Filipinas, our country. Its cast, mainly composed of some of the country's best actors of that time, Armida Siguion Reyna, Maricel Soriano, Aiko Melendez, Richard Gomez, Wendell Ramos, Dawn Zulueta and Victor Neri represented the society.

It was Sarah Geronimo's first movie role after her win in the TV singing competition, "Star for a Night" in the same year.

Her role was Richard's daughter whom he left in the care of Maricel while he and the rest of their family was in the United States.

As a daughter who barely saw or talked to her own family, Sarah's character held grudges against her parents.

She also had a sister, also was based in America played by Anne Curtis.

Here is one of their scenes.

Watch some of her scenes here:

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