FIND OUT: If Sarah Geronimo could talk to her 10-year   old self this is what she would say…

The Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo just celebrated he 15th Anniversary in the industry last April with sold- out concerts here in the country and abroad.



Sarah's career started when she was hailed as champion in the TV singing competition "Star For a Night" back in 2003. After that, Sarah became unstoppable.



She has continued to influence us with her undying love for music and of course, she also served as an inspiration for millions of her followers.




Currently, Sarah topbills another movie under Viva Films, "Miss Granny." It is the Filipino adaptation of a famous South Korean film with the same title.



The Popstar Royalty has truly made her mark in this industry. But, if she can go back and talk to her 10- year old self, what would she say?

This she answered in an interview with PikaPika.ph.



Sarah said, "Keep on loving music, enjoy your childhood, and enjoy studying but really value education."

Watch the whole interview here:

It is a well-known fact that even before Sarah became a contestant in "Star for A Night," she went to countless  auditions and joined a lot of singing contests even at a young age. She was even a part of the famous 1995 movie, "Sarah...Ang Munting Prinsesa."



Anyway, don't forget to watch Sarah's movie, "Miss Granny," now showing in over 200 cinemas nationwide! Also starring James Reid, Xian Lim, Nova Villa, and many more. Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Watch the trailer here:


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