Sarah Geronimo, James Reid at Xian Lim, Nag-ala Back-to-Back Concert Ang Mall Show!

Sarah Geronimo, James Reid and Xian Lim are three of the most sought-after Filipino artists of this generation, and they have teamed up for a new movie entitled "Miss Granny"!

It is a popular film originally from South Korea, and a lot of other Asian countries have done remakes of the movie due to its success.

The Phlilippine adaptation of "Miss Granny" has been receiving a lot of positive feedback ever since its first day of showing in cinemas last August 22!

The stars of "Miss Granny" have been very busy with promoting their movie by doing guest appearances in televivion shows and radio programs, as well as mall shows that are always jam-packed with people who want to see and support them in person.

A recent "Miss Granny" mall show, for instance, resembled a back-to-back concert of Sarah, James and Xian because of how many people were watching!

You can check out the video here to see for yourself!


The three stars' hard work paid off though because "Miss Granny" has already earned P135 million on its second weekend, and many people are still lining up to watch the film in cinemas!

The Filipino remake of "Miss Granny" is directed by Joyce Bernal, so best believe that it is an amazing movie for the whole family to enjoy!

Don't miss out on the "Miss Granny" fever, and catch it on the big screen while you still can!

You can also watch the trailer here!


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