Sarah Geronimo’s movie hairstyle evolution!

The Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo never failed her fans and moviegoers in the notable roles that she has done in the last 15 years.

After she won the TV singing competition "Star For a Night," Sarah's opportunities and blessings never stopped coming, and that includes her major movie and teleserye roles.

She played various characters including an editorial assistant, a radio DJ, a law student and most recently a 70-year old trapped in the body of her 20-year old self.

For this roles, she has to look like her character. That's why even her hair is sometimes modified to fit better into her portrayal.

Check out Sarah's movie hairstyle evolution!

1. Laida Magtalas in "A Very Special Love" (2008)

Laida is a bubbly editorial assistant who has a huge crush on her boss, Miggy.

2. Laida Magtalas in "You Changed My Life" (2009)

This time, Laida is Miggy's girlfriend and the story revolved on how they will survive their complicating relationship.


3. Cecilia in "Hating Kapatid" (2010)

She is the young sister to her very protective ate, Rica (Judy Ann Santos).

4. George Apostol a.k.a. DJ Heidee in "Won't Last a Day Without You" (2011)

George is this bitter DJ who usually gives love advices to girls who needs it. However one day, the boyfriend of one of her callers comes and find her and she ended up falling in love with him.

5. Roan Sanchez in "Catch Me I'm In Love" (2011)

A young girl who only has high ideals of love later on was forced to work with the president's stubborn son. The two ended up falling for one another despite their status differences.

6. Laida Magtalas ver. 2.0 in "It Takes a Man and a Woman" (2013)

Laida and Miggy's relationship ended abruptly and she decided to follow an opportunity in a famous magazine in New York. When she gets back, she once again worked with her now ex-boyfriend Miggy.

7. Stephanie Asuncion in "Maybe This Time" (2014)

Steph was a young girl who falls in love with a guy she met when she once spent the summer in a province. Later on he broke her heart and left without a clue. Years later they meet again and work on a project together.

8. Trixie David in "The Breakup Playlist" (2015)

Trixie is a law student who tries to fulfill her parents wishes of her becoming a lawyer. However, she have a passion for music. She then meets Gino and plays in their band. Later on, the two fall in love with each other.

9. Aprilyn Esguerra in "Finally Found Someone" (2017)

Aprilyn was left by her groom during their wedding day. Devastated and sad, she roams around Manila looking for him and ended up going viral. Raffy then meets her not knowing that he is a PR agent hired by the father of the groom to help her move on.

10. Odrey/Young Fely de Leon in "Miss Granny" (2018)

Fely is a 70-year old widow who gets stuck in the body of her 20-year old self after she had her picture taken in a mysterious photo studio.

She then sees is as an opportunity to live her life once again and do the things she was not able to do when she was younger.

"Miss Granny" is still showing in cinemas nationwide. Also starring James Reid, Xian Lim, Nova villa and more! Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

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