Sarah Geronimo’s “Miss Granny” Flies To Japan!

Sarah Geronimo has practically done it all in her career, from starring in blockbuster films, releasing multi-platinum records, to performing in sold out shows and concerts.

The Popstar Royalty has done it once again because her latest film with James Reid and Xian Lim entitled “Miss Granny” is a definite blockbuster hit! The movie has been receiving a lot of positive feedback ever since its first day of showing in cinemas last August 22, and many people are continuously lining up to watch it!

“Miss Granny” is a popular film originally from South Korea, and a lot of other Asian countries have done remakes of the movie due to its success.

The story of “Miss Granny” revolves around an elderly woman in her 70s who mysteriously went back to being her 20-year-old self, therefore having a second chance at life.

It imparts values, such as a mother’s unconditional love for her child, and love for family in general, which are more reasons why “Miss Granny” is a must-watch film!

“Miss Granny” is not only showing in Philippine cinemas because it will also be flying to Japan!

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The Philippine adaptation of “Miss Granny” is directed by Joyce Bernal, so expect nothing but an amazing movie that will surely leave you in both laughter and tears! It is a film for the whole family to enjoy, so make sure to catch it on the big screen while you still can!

You can also check out the trailer here!


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