Reasons why we love Sarah Geronimo’s character in ‘Miss Granny’ [SPOILER ALERT!]

Sarah Geronimo's character in her latest movie "Miss Granny" is definitely her most unique role yet.


She posrtrays Fely de Leon, a 70-year old woman who finds herself stuck in the body of her 20-year old self after she had her picture taken in a mysterious photo booth.

In the first teaser, Fely was seen as this old woman who's just too much to handle. She's grumpy, controlling, and harsh with her words.

However, beyond her almost-perfectionist and loud attitude, we learned to love her and she made us appreciate our parents even more.

Here are the reasons why we love Odrey/Fely de Leon.

1. Her silliness

The way she acted when she became young again was just adorable. There was one scene where she danced her heart out. But the old soul in her still prevailed and the moviegoers can't help but throw in a fit of laughter with her lines.

2. Her confidence

When she entered the photo studio and the photographer complimented her and said that she's beautiful, she answered, "Alam ko." For an old person to be like that, it's truly admirable.

What more when she turned young, remember that scene where she bought different clothes? Her confidence was just oozing!

You can see it the way she performed when she sings too.

3. The sacrifices that she has done

Fely raised her only son all by herself since her husband died young. She did not have any jobs and had to go through a lot just to keep themselves alive. She gave up everything and when her son becomes a professor, raise his own family, and accomplish a lot, she was the proudest mother in the world.

4. Her motherly love

Even when she's already old, she loves and takes care of her son just the same. The same with her grandchildren. She was supportive of Jeboy's passion for music too.

There was one scene where she, her son and granddaughter were eating in a restaurant and she prepares their food for them just like how our mothers did for us when we were young.

Even when she turned young, she still looked after Jeboy and oftentimes scolds him whe he say or does something wrong.

Can you guys relate? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Meanwhile, "Miss Granny" is still showing in cinemas nationwide! Also starring James Reid, Xian Lim, Nova Villa, and more!

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