Sarah Geronimo, to Meet and Greet Her Fans in Japan!

Sarah Geronimo has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years now, and she has practically done it all in her career throughout those years!

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The Popstar Royalty has starred in blockbuster films, released multi-platinum records, and of course, performed in sold out shows and concerts!

In fact, she currently has a world tour called "This 15 Me" in celebration of her 15th anniversary in showbiz. There is just no stopping Sarah G as she continues to dominate the concert stage with her powerful singing voice and all-out performances!

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Her fans from Nagoya, Japan will have the chance to meet and greet the Popstar Royalty up close in person on October 7 for her anniversary concert!


Aside from her concert tour, Sarah also has a latest blockbuster film with James Reid and Xian Lim entitled "Miss Granny." It started showing in cinemas nationwide last August 22, and it has been receiving a lot of positive feedback ever since!

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The Popstar Royalty's portrayal of Miss Granny is said to be her best one to date, so don't miss out on the laughter and tears, and catch it on the big screen now that it is on its 5th blockbuster week!

If you haven't already watched it, you can also check out the trailer here!


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