Sarah G: Star For A Lifetime

She was once a regular small town girl with big dreams. Now, she’s a royalty.



Sarah Geronimo developed her talent for singing when she was a kid. She often participates in amateur singing contests. With her supportive mother by her side, she auditioned in several television programs. Her career in the music industry officially started after her win on Star for a Night, a television singing contest. She rose to fame after signing with Viva Entertainment. Studio albums, television shows, hosting gigs, and movie offers were lined up for her.



Sarah has been in the industry for more than ten years now that her title has transformed from pop star princess to royalty. People of all ages appreciate her contributions to the music industry. Up until now, her old songs are being sung in singing contests by amateurs, all wishing to come across the same lucky star that granted Sarah G the blessings she now receives. She had set the standards for national singing contests.



But it wasn’t just sheer luck that brought Sarah to where she is now. She worked hard for it. She maintained her image all throughout these years and she never let fame get to her head. She is being looked up to as a role model for the youth. One of her most admirable qualities is her philanthropy. She regularly holds concert for the benefit of a charity she has been supporting. In everything she does, she gives glory and praise to God. She attributes all her blessings and successes to Him.



It cannot be denied that Sarah Geronimo is one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry today. Her well-deserved success was due to her talent, hardwork, and the people who supported her since day one. Her win in Star for a Night paved way for her name and voice to be engraved in the hearts of the Filipinos, making her a star for a lifetime.

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