Popstar: A Dream Come True

Popstar: A Dream Come True is Sarah Geronimo’s debut album, which was released in the Philippines by Viva Records on September 11, 2003. It was produced by Vincent del Rosario. After winning the grand champion title in Star for a Night, Sarah signed a recording contract with the label and immediately recorded and released her first album. The album was a collaboration of the most respected composers, namely, Vehnee Saturno, Ogie Alcasid, George Canseco, Wency Cornejo and Jun Murillo. The album includes her winning piece "To Love You More," which was also released as the first single. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2003

Certification: 10x Platinum (2X Diamond)

Sales: 310,000+ copies

Track Listing:

1. "Just Believe"
2. "If Only"
3. "Ibulong Sa Hangin"
4. "Forever's Not Enough"
5. "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"
6. "Sa Iyo"
7. "Narito"
8. "I Will Do Anything for Love"
9. "Twin Hearts" (featuring Devotion)
10. "When I Met You"
11. "Broken Vow" (with Mark Bautista)
12. "Nananaginip ng Gising"
13. "We Are Tomorrow"
14. "Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan"
15. "To Love You More"


Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen is Sarah Geronimo’s second studio album, which was released on November 16, 2004 under Viva Records. The album's carrier single is "How Could You Say You Love Me," written by Vehnee Saturno and Doris Saturno who were also responsible for Geronimo's debut single "Forever's Not Enough". (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2004

Certification: 4× Platinum

Sales: 120,000+ copies

Track Listing:  

1. "How Could You Say You Love Me"
2. "Lumingon Ka Lang"
3. "I Want to Know What Love Is"
4. "Minsan"
5. "Champion"
6. "Love of My Life"
7. "And You Smiled at Me"
8. "Hanggang Kailan"
9. "Prinsesa ng Puso Mo"
10. "Before I Let You Go" (featuring 17:28)
11. "Love Can't Lie"
12. "You're Taking My Breath Away”
13. "You Don't Know Me"
14. "Sana"
15. "Kay Gandang Umaga" (with Mark Bautista)
16. "Light of a Million Mornings"
17. "Tunay Talaga" (bonus track)
18. "Bulletin Song" (bonus track)



Becoming is Sarah Geronimo’s third studio album, which was released on July 20, 2006 under Viva Records. The album is Sarah's first international release, produced by Christian de Walden and Carlo Nasi. Becoming's carrier single, "I Still Believe in Loving You," was written by Christian de Walden. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2006

Certification: 2x Platinum

Sales: 60,000+ copies

Track Listing:   

1. "I Still Believe in Loving You"
2. "Iingatan Ko (Ang Pag-ibig Mo)"
3. "You Mean the World to Me"
4. "Carry My Love"
5. "After Love"
6. "Baby Blue"
7. "Ala-Ala Mo"
8. "And I'm in Love Again"
9. "Kaibigan"
10. "Don't You Worry"
11. "Magliliwanag Rin... Muli"
12. "Is This Love?"
13. "Peace Is All We Know"
14. "So Heartbroken"


Taking Flight

Taking Flight is Sarah Geronimo’s fourth studio album, which was released on July 25, 2007 under Viva Records. The album showcases songs by Filipino composers Louie Ocampo, Trina Belamide, Chuckie Dreyfus, Rebel Magdagasang and Medwin Marfil. The carrier single of the album, “I'll Be Alright,” was written by Louie Ocampo who was also the musical director of her sold-out concert, In Motion, at the Araneta Coliseum. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2007

Certification: 2× Platinum

Sales: 60,000+ copies

Track Listing:    

1. "I'll Be Alright"
2. "Ikaw"
3. "I'm Sorry"
4. "Time to Let Go" (featuring Mark Bautista)
5. "So"
6. "Close to My Heart"
7. "What If I"
8. "Miss"
9. "I'll Be Here"
10. "Mr. Deadma"
11. "Kahit Na"
12. "Very Special Love" (theme song from A Very Special Love) (bonus track)


Just Me

Just Me is Sarah Geronimo’s fifth studio album, which was released in the Philippines under Viva Records.

Year: 2008

Track Listing:     

1. “I'll Be There” (featuring Howie Dorough)
2. “You're The Love Of My Life”
3. “Dahil Minahal Mo Ako”
4. “Where Only Angels Fly”
5. “Silence”
6. “One Little Kiss”
7. “I Belong To You”
8. “Just Me”
9. “Look Inside Ourselves”
10. “Kahit Mahal Mo Ay Iba”
11. “Played”
12. “Sweet Memories”
13. “I Am Falling”
14. “What Have You Done To My Heart”
15. “Remind Me To Forget You”
16. “Movie Love”


Your Christmas Girl

Your Christmas Girl is Sarah Geronimo’s sixth studio album, which was released in the Philippines under Viva Records.

Year: 2009

Track Listing: 

1. Your Christmas Girl
2. Sana Ngayong Pasko
3. Little Christmas Tree
4. You're All I Want for Christmas
5. White Christmas
6. A Perfect Christmas
7. I'll Be Home for Christmas
8. Miss Kita Kung Christmas
9. Christmas Wish
10. Gift of Love


Music and Me

Music and Me is Sarah Geronimo’s seventh studio album, which was released in the Philippines on December 22, 2009 by Viva Records. The album consists of revivals of both foreign and OPM classics. It features four of Geronimo's previous singles namely, "Can This Be Love," "Very Special Love," "You Changed My Life in a Moment," and "Something New in My Life,"all of which were used as soundtracks for Star Cinema films, which became box-office hits. Sarah personally selected the tracks featured in the album. Also included in the album is "Record Breaker", which is a song from Sarah's Sunsilk endorsement. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2009

Certification: Platinum

Sales: 20,000+ copies

Track Listing:   

1. "Right Here Waiting"
2. "Lost in Your Eyes"
3. "Can This Be Love" (theme song from Can This Be Love)
4. "Listen to Your Heart"
5. "Have You Ever?"
6. "Please Be Careful with My Heart" (with Christian Bautista)
7. "Fall for You"
8. "Could've Been"
9. "Before I Fall in Love"
10. "You Changed My Life in a Moment" (theme song from You Changed My Life)
11. "Never Gonna Let You Go"
12. "Something New in My Life" (theme song from In My Life)
13. "Very Special Love" (theme song from A Very Special Love)
14. "Record Breaker" (theme song from Sunsilk)
15. "Love Will Keep Us Together" (theme song from Hating Kapatid) (bonus track)
16. "This Is My Dream" (theme song from Superstar.PH) (bonus track)


One Heart

One Heart is Sarah Geronimo’s eighth studio album, which was released in the Philippines on May 13, 2011 by Viva Records. The album consists mainly of original songs and cover songs of OPM classics. The first single entitled “Sino Nga Ba Siya” was released in December 2010. It became a teaser to the album that features sentimental tracks, generally about heartaches. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2011

Certification: 5x Platinum

Sales: 100,000+ copies

Track Listing: 

1. "Sino Nga Ba Siya"
2. "Kung Siya Ang Mahal"
3. "Sa Isip Ko"
4. "If You Could Read My Mind"
5. "I Miss You"
6. "Nag-iisang Ikaw"
7. "One Heart"
8. "Bata" (featuring Kean Cipriano)
9. "More Than You’d Believe"
10. "Bakit Pa Ba?"
11. "Fallin'"
12. "Handang Umibig Muli"
13. "Within"
14. "Ikaw" (duet with Martin Nievera)
15. "Fallin'"


Pure OPM Classics

Pure OPM Classics is Sarah Geronimo’s ninth studio album, which was released in the Philippines under Viva Records.

Year: 2012

Track Listing: 

1. Handog
2. Umagang Kay Ganda
3. Panalangin
4. Doon Lang
5. Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin
6. Tao
7. Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran
8. Malayo Pa Ang Umaga
9. Sana
10. Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan
11. Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika
12. Anak



Expressions is Sarah Geronimo’s tenth studio album, which was released in the Philippines on July 22, 2013, by Viva Records. The album's release marked Sarah's 25th birthday and 10th anniversary in the entertainment industry. It consists of nine original songs and two covers, and it marks the beginning of her creative control. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2013

Certification: Platinum

Track Listing: 

1. "Again"
2. "Pati Ang Pangarap Ko"
3. "Ikot-Ikot"
4. "Tayo"
5. "Maaari Ba"
6. "Eyes on Fire"
7. "Sweetest Mistake"
8. "Mama"
9. "You've Got a Friend" (featuring Daddy Delfin Geronimo)
10. "Make Me Yours"
11. "It Takes a Man and a Woman"


Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect is Sarah Geronimo’s eleventh studio album, which was released in the Philippines on October 4, 2014 by Viva Records. "Kilometro" (Kilometer) is the carrier single of the album, which premiered on radio stations nationwide on September 17, 2014. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2014

Certification: 2X Platinum

Sales: 30,000+ copies

Track Listing: 

1. "Perfectly Imperfect"
2. "Kilometro (Kilometer)"
3. "Minamahal (Loved)"
4. "Until Forever"
5. "This Fight"
6. "Bulletproof"
7. "Dulo (End)"
8. "Bangon (Rise)"
9. "Kung Sa Bagay (As A Matter Of Fact)"
10. "In Your Hands"
11. "Last Night of Our Lives" (featuring CELEB)


The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown is Sarah Geronimo’s twelfth studio album, which was released in the Philippines on December 4, 2015 by Viva Records. It debuted at number two on iTunes Philippines Pop Music Album chart behind Adele's 25. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2015

Certification: Platinum

Sales: 15,000+ copies

Track Listing: 

1. "Unbroken"
2. "The Great Unknown" (featuring Hale)
3. "Baby You're The Reason"
4. "Ako'y Para Lamang Sa 'Yo"
5. "Kaibigan Mo" (featuring Yeng Constantino)
6. "Kapit"
7. "Only For You"
8. "Sabi Mo Sa Akin"
9. "Tala"
10. "Misteryo"


This 15 Me

This 15 Me is Sarah Geronimo’s thirteenth studio album. It is also set as the 15th year anniversary offering of the Philippine's Popstar Royalty. The album debuted at number one on both iTunes Philippines and Macau Album Charts, and it also landed on international iTunes charts including the United States, Singapore and Canada. (Source: Wikipedia)

Year: 2018

Track Listing:

1. "Ganito"
2. "Sandata"
3. "Baka Sakali"
4. "Interlude"
5. "My Love"
6. "Tagu-taguan" (featuring J. Makata)
7. "Hingan Malalim"
8. "Duyan"
9. "Feels Good"
10. "Dahilan"
11. "This Gotta Be Love"