Reasons why you should watch Miss Granny with your Mother/Lola today

Have you guys watched "Miss Granny" yet? If yes, then most definitely you cried your heart out at that hospital scene. But if not yet, here are some reasons why you should watch it with you Mom or Lola today!



The film emphasized the unconditional love that we receive from our parents. It showed how a mother can sacrifice everything just for her child.



You will surely relate and be moved with Nova Villa's character as well as with Sarah Geronimo when she turned young.



If you see the reviews online, you will see how much moviegoers learned and realized after watching it. Check out these posts:






MISS GRANNY A mother would sacrifice everything for her family. I’ve been curious watching this during the long weekend and glad I did even if I was alone (and oh my... the sobbing was to the nth level... deeply moved by this film). This Korean comedy-drama movie adaptation was given a new flavor by Sarah Geronimo and Nova Villa. Old “Fely” (Nova Villa) found herself regaining her 20 year old self (Sarah Geronimo) after having her photo taken in a mysterious and magical photo shop. This gave her a renewed opportunity to find and experience her own happiness. Nova Villa fits the role to a t! Superb acting! And I would say that this is Sarah’s finest acting to date. Star Cinema needs to work their creative juices double time as Viva has been coming up with well told and well produced films lately. We’re all so busy catching our own dreams and shaping our own lives that we often neglect the woman that sacrificed and gave us our very lives. This is a fitting tribute to all our beloved mothers and grand mothers. Must watch!!! ???????? ????? #MissGranny #MissGrannyPh #popstar #popstarroyalty #sarahgeronimo @justsarahgph #movie #moviegram #moviereview #igers #thankyouaugust_fu #instaphoto #love #igers #forumsession #followfollow #followme #igers #likesforfollow #iphone #moodygram #grammerph #grammercollective #fotografiaunited

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Watch "Miss Granny" and take your Moms and Grandparents out on a date! It's still showing in cinemas nationwide and abroad!



Follow the story of a 70-year old woman, Fely de Leon (played by Nova Villa) and how she miraculously turns into her 20-year old self after she had her picture taken in a mysterious photo studio.



She then sees it as an opportunity to live her life once more and do the things she was not a able to do when she was younger.

Also watch out for the other casts, James Reid, Xian Lim, Nonie Buencamino and more! They will surely make you laugh your hearts out and cry hard!



This film is the Filipino adaptation to a South Korean blockbuster hit with the same title. Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Watch the trailer here:

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